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The T4H (Text4Help) Members themselves have indicated that what is most important to them about their Membership is:

Interaction- The opportunity to interact and work directly with the leading companies, organizations, and individuals in the Web world;

Strategy- The ability to provide strategic direction to the Advocacy Alliance through review of T4H Activity proposals and operational policies;

Participation- Participation in T4H Working Groups, Interest Groups, and Business Groups, shaping the technologies that enable businesses and their customers;


Demonstrate technical leadership through a commitment to ensure the vitality of the Open Web Platform, and other Technologies.

How small and medium enterprises (SMEs) benefit?

Business built on Web technologies grows so quickly that it is often challenging for SMEs to find providers, customers or partners that share the same interests as they do.


Through a variety of online and in-person opportunities, T4H helps SMEs meet their peers and establish new business relationships.

Early Access.

Agility can enable SMEs to out-perform their bigger rivals. Within T4H's Ambassadors Committee, SMEs that are working with technologies can not only stay informed of new tech option, but more importantly, can bring their own ideas to strategic discussions about Software and the Web's future. Agility through Membership can help SMEs stay ahead of the competition and enter new markets early.


Building a market around a new usage of OTT Services can be a major obstacle for the growth of smaller companies. To bring an idea deployed to the scale of the Web, T4H standardization provide a unique opportunity to achieve broad adoption on diverse software and devices.


The world's experts on the Web exchange and confront their points of view in private T4H groups. It's hard to beat conversations with T4H partners as a way to learn in depth how the technology works, and how to make it better.
Promotion. SMEs can promote their commitment to open standards, through press release and home page testimonials, sponsorship visibility, interviews, and more.

How can my organization benefit?

A Forum for ideas.

T4H provides an open forum for the exchange of ideas and technology solutions, giving researchers insights from around the world.

Bridge from research.

T4H helps research organizations establish a bridge from their innovations to industry implementation.

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** Ambassador Designation with Silver,Gold,Diamond, or Platinum Sponsorship

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