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Ambassador Alliance Partners


The Ambassador Alliance Program (AAP) is a collaborative effort between "We the People", The United States Government, The Advocacy Alliance, Text4Help/Text4Charity/Text2Report and corporate entities who have demonstrated a leadership role within their industry. The Ambassador Alliance Program creates a bridge between industry professionals, agencies and the companies most closely connected and committed to serving our Country.

The Ambassador Alliance Program (AAP) offers different levels of investment - Platinum, Gold, Silver and Bronze - and is not limited. Any company who seek to increase their visibility and market share in the club industry can benefit from a AAP Designation.

Each partner signs a 1 year contract, committing to financial support determined by their level of involvement.

In return, AAP Partners receive strategic year-round marketing, exclusive communication and sponsorship opportunities designed to increase brand awareness, build relations and encourage growth and loyalty from within. In addition, partners receive royalty-free rights to use the Text4Help/Text4Charity/Text2Report logos – and identifiable symbols of commitment to the professional development of their community. All initiatives and overall support of their community utilizing the industry they represent. Through this program, partners align their business expertise with the community building a reputation for educational excellence and goodwill.  Promoting philanthropic Change in the Environment.

A recent testimonial confirmed that AAP partners have a distinct advantage in the marketplace. 100 percent of members agree with the statement “I am more comfortable when I give a AAP partner the opportunity to earn my business.” So Join us today.  Regardless of your decision we well come you as an Advocate in our Alliance.

Together We Will Win.

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