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 Advocacy Alliance 

As a coalition of members representing advocacy organizations, professional societies, trade associations, small business, nonprofit organizations, and corporations. Text4Help is committed to changing the way people are viewed and treated in America. The member organizations work together to:

Increase awareness among policymakers about the enormous challenges  to US health, health care, and prosperity.

Educate policymakers about how legislation and public policy can help reduce in the number of deaths associated with mental health issues.

Help Stomp out Bullying with Technology.

Provide access to support for Aids/ HIV, Suicide, Bullying, and Teen Date Crimes.

​​Policy & Advocacy

We believe that early detection and quality care are the elements necessary to extend and improve the lives of people living with mental health disorders. Our mission is to inform and influence policy to promote access to care for the patients.  And communicate the impact of technology reform through collaboration with federal agencies, policymakers, advocacy organizations and other internal and external stakeholders. Our goal is to promote prevention and treatment leveraging technology. Placing all efforts to ultimately turn best practices into public policy.

House Bill 853

Public Schools – Boards of Education – Anonymous Two–Way Text Messaging 3 Tip Programs 4 FOR the purpose of requiring each county board of education to establish an anonymous 5 two–way text messaging tip program; establishing the purpose of the program; 6 requiring each county board of education to publicize the program in certain 7 locations and venues; requiring the completion of a victim of bullying, harassment, 8 or intimidation report form and the provision of a certain transcript to a certain 9 person on receipt of a report of any act of bullying, harassment, or intimidation from 10 an anonymous two–way text messaging tip; establishing that information received 11 from an anonymous two–way text messaging tip is confidential and may not be made 12 a part of a student’s permanent educational record; requiring a certain model policy 13 to include information regarding the availability and use of the program; and 14 generally relating to the establishment of anonymous two–way text messaging tip 15 programs. 

See House Bill 853 Click Here.