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1. Crowdfunding Class:

2. Stock, Bond and Mutual Fund Investing

3. Women & Minority Small Business Financing Guide:

4. We host a webinar to discuss our recent report titled "Environmental Issues and Stock Returns." Our report quantifies the impact environmental issues have on company stock prices. We examined the impact of a recent environmental incident on stock prices using new data sources. Using data from both old and new sources, we explore and quantify the impact environmental factors have on stock prices using several statistical techniques. The webinar is structured into two parts. In the first, we describe three standard market models and test the hypothesis that environmental factors do, in fact, impact equity prices. In the second part of the webinar, we examine the impact of a recent environmental incident on stock prices using new data sources and with the assistance of the equity market model specified in phase one. Our analysis shows (and Volkswagen confirms) that investors and publicly traded companies must recognize the impact environmental incidents and issues have on a given firm's ability to use company assets and therefore generate revenue and profits. RSVP at:

5. Office of Minority and Women Inclusion (OMWI) seminar. OMWI offices are in place at twenty nine (29) federal agencies. These Offices are responsible for diversity efforts at the agencies, regulated entities and agency contractors. We calculate minority and women business contracting opportunities at the 29 Federal Offices required to report under the OMWI law and estimate the increase or decrease from prior year levels. See our slide show: We discuss these and other developments in our webinar.

6. Consultation. Reserve a call:
From a client: "I was a client of Mr. William Michael Cunningham where he conducted a one-on-one crowdfunding consultation for me that included a presentation entitled “How to Crowdfund”. Mr. Cunningham did an outstanding job detailing the background of crowdfunding, highlighting notable crowdfunding campaigns, offering key considerations that must be accounted for prior to launching a campaign, discussed different crowdfunding platforms and the importance of integrating various social media platforms (i.e. LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, (etc.) into the pre- and post-launch phases of a successful crowdfunding campaign. Mr. Cunningham also provided me with a great introduction to the JOBS Act, as well as links and contact information to key resources and people." Dr. Jonathan A. Jenkins.


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My book: The JOBS Act: Crowdfunding for Small Businesses and Startups


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