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Bronze:  $2,500 – Sponsor’s name and logo will be listed as a supporter of Do it For the Kids™ on the website and give an annual membership. Sponsor will be featured in a Text4Help Press Release.

Silver:  $5,000 – Includes bronze level plus. Banquet Recognition. Sponsor will receive Social Media Marketing Strategy (valued at 5,000.00)

Gold:  $10,000 – Includes silver level plus, Gold Sponsor Plaque and Advisory Board Position.

Platinum: $50,000 – Includes Gold level plus Platinum Sponsor Plaque and free tickets to events and a lifetime Ambassador Title.

Diamond:$100,000 – Includes Platinum level, Diamond Sponsor Plaque.  Sponsor will be listed as a National Sponsor on all marketing materials.

As a member, your contribution makes possible Text4Charity Inc.'s mission to produce superior quality education, informative cultural public programs, and software that will enrich the lives of "We the People."


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Join in with us to Help Bro Maniac and the Homeless in your community.

A message from Bro MANIAC

Hello Community Leaders,

I hope all is well.  I am Brother MANIAC (Brother Mainly Addressing  Negative Information About the Community) I am a Father of 3, DJ, Humanitarian and Founder of Hip Hop 4 the Homeless and the Feed-A-Million Project.

I believe God put me here to help and aid the less fortunate (the Homeless and Hungry in Particular).  I am writing you to ask for your help.  Please Join me in this great mission to feed One Million Homeless People on Jan 21, 2017 we will be having an Artist B Ball Game.  See the Flyer.

If you, your Church, Organization, Office, Group, Team ect. would like to join us in this effort Please E-Mail:
(Please include your name, organization, City, State, Zip code a Good Contact Phone Number and the Best Time to Reach you.)

We Need 5000 organizations, Churches, Groups, Individuals to commit to organize feeding 200 homeless in their communities.   If we have 5000 Organizations Committing to this we will be able to feed 1-Million Homeless on a date To Be Announced,    On this Date We are asking all organizations to join us.  Feeding One Million or more is our goal.

Please Send your information and Take the pledge to Join us.  We will respond in kind.  We ask that you take pictures and write about how we all came together to feed the homeless and hungry in our own communities. Get the word out!

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